A Year In Review

Today marks the one year anniversary of Purr and Roar, and what a year it has been! I can best describe it as being a fun, challenging and ongoing learning experience, one that I have been fortunate enough to share with a great community of people.  A special thanks to all who have read, shared and supported this blog!

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In honor of this day I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate by listing a few highlights starting with the first post on March 15 2014. The date is significant as it happened to coincide with a very important cause that I am actively involved in supporting.

The Global March For Lions

For anyone wishing to know more about this issue and the status of the African Lion check under the category of Lions or Global March For Lions on my home page.

Let’s Talk About Your Cat

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I love the stories that come along with cat adoption, and I love sharing them. This past year I have had some pretty interesting cats featured, but one of my favorites Xander the rescued lab cat was extra special. If you would like to have your cats story included in an edition of Let’s Talk About Your Cat be sure to leave me a message.

On The Trail of Big Cats

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Going to see award-winning photographer Steve Winter at a National Geographic Live Lecture series last October was a major highlight. Later I wrote On The Trail of Big Cats and had it picked up by Nat Geo Live on Facebook, and then by Steve Winter on Twitter. I was extremely honored by the acknowledgment and made sure to grab this screen shot.

10 Years Hundreds of Cats

cats, kittens, volunteer, cat cuddler, Toronto Animal Services, foster, cat rescue, cat adoptions, donateCelebrating my 10 year anniversary as a cat volunteer with Toronto Animal Services and receiving a special feature on their site was pretty awesome and a reminder of how time sure does fly when you are around cats!

Lanai’s Little Lions

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Time for Treats aka cat herding at Lanai Animal Rescue Center

Visiting the Lanai Animal Rescue Center in Hawaii where I met some wonderful people and saw first hand how this amazing organization helps the many homeless, stray and abandoned cats on the island.

Grumpy Cat

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Frown? No!

Meeting Grumpy Cat on her North American Book Tour here in Toronto was loads of fun, but also awful.

World Lion Day

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Image – Rob Janisch – World Lion Day

Honoring World Lion Day by interviewing my friend, extraordinary African safari guide and lover of Lions Rob Janisch to get the home perspective on this iconic species.

My Name is Bob

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And, last but not least, being asked by the publisher to write a review for the children’s book, and one of my favorites, My Name is Bob.

Thanks again to everyone and be sure to check out Purr and Roar on  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where you will find lots more on all cats, both big and small.

On the Trail of Big Cats

I recently had the pleasure of going to see award-winning photographer Steve Winter speak at a National Geographic Live Lecture series here in Toronto. If you are not familiar with his name, it is very likely you have seen his work including the images of Snow Leopards that won him the 2008 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year award.

Snow Leopards, Steve Winter, Wildlife Photography, Natinal Geographic, Elusive big cats, cats, endangered snow leopard, Central Asia, mountains

Masters of their environment and one of the most elusive of the big cats and rarest photographed – Photo Steve Winter

Snow Leopards, Steve Winter, Wildlife Photography, Natinal Geographic, Elusive big cats, cats, endangered snow leopard, Central Asia, mountains

The endangered snow leopard (Panthera uncia) is found in the rugged mountains of Central Asia. – Photo Steve Winter

I remember seeing these photos in Nat Geo and being utterly mesmerized by these intriguing cats and, hearing Steve Winter speak about the story behind the photos really brought them to life. Snow Leopards not fond of human company, made them the perfect candidates for use of strategically placed camera traps which helped produce these magical portraits.

Steve Winter’s “mission is to share the beauty of big cats while reinvigorating efforts to save them.” From trekking in India for Snow Leopards to working his way through the jungles of South America in search of Jaguar, he manages to captures the big cats in an unobtrusive way. For me it shows a respect for and love of the subject, as well as a commitment to helping preserve them by encouraging others to see a unique animal and story in each photo.

Steve Winter, Jaguars, Amazon, Brazil, Pantanal, rare big cats of South America, Endangered Jaguars,

The jaguar (Panthera onca) also called el tigre, is the largest cat in the Western Hemisphere and the third largest in the world, after the tiger and lion.  Photo Steve Winter

One of my personal favorite photos is of the famous Hollywood Hills Cougar also know as P-22 that was published in the December 2013 issue of National Geographic.

Steve Winter, Cougars, Mountain Lions, Hollywood Hills cougar, North America's Big Cat, National Geographic photographer, Wildlife Photography, LA's elusive wildlife, Urban Wildlife

Automatic cameras were set up for a year in the hills of Griffith Park to capture images of the elusive P22, the “ghost cat” that is the area’s only known cougar (Puma concolor) – Photo Steve Winter

Think of it: A large carnivore that must kill to eat is meeting its nutritional needs in the heart of greater L.A., all the while avoiding attention better than a camera-shy celebrity. How does he do it? By moving with a whisper-soft tread mostly in the twilight and at night, sticking close to thick cover, zealously guarding his privacy in a metropolis renowned as the gateway to fame.”

P-22’s notoriety did not end there however, in March of this year National Park Services noticed his mangy appearance when they captured him to replace the battery in his GPS collar.

Steve Winter, Cougars, P22, Mountain Lions, Hollywood Hills cougar, Rat Poison, Rodenticides, Poison killig wildlife, Mange, North America's Big Cat, National Geographic photographer, Wildlife Photography, LA's elusive wildlife, Urban Wildlife

P22 was found to be suffering from mange and tested positive to exposure to rodenticides, commonly known as rat poison  – (photo National Park Service)

An update in May later showed the treatments P22 had received seemed to be working, many including myself breathing a sigh of relief. Steve Winter’s Hollywood Hills Cougar captured the attention of people worldwide and in doing so the photo created a deeper connection with this beautiful animal, one that would remain strong long after the cats 15 minutes of fame had ended. It would also be a vehicle to help highlight the cougars plight and just how deadly commonly used rat poison is to wildlife in general.

Finally, If you are a fan of Tigers, I highly recommend picking up yourself a copy of Steve Winter’s Tigers Forever book, his decade-long project to document the world’s shrinking but resilient tiger species. It is full of exquisite photographs and information, some of which you will see and hear about if you attend his lecture.

Steve Winter, Tigers Forever, Books, Amazon, Brazil, Pantanal, rare big cats, India, Endangered, Tigers, National Geographic, Photography, Nat Geo Live, Big Cats Forever

“By saving the world’s top predators, we save huge forests, rivers, wildlife, and ultimately, our planet.” Quote and Photo – Steve Winter

“On the Trail of Big Cats: Tigers, Cougars, and Snow Leopards” with Photographer Steve Winter lecture series continues in 2015 and if you get a chance to see it in your city don’t miss it.