Hollywood Hills Cougar Update!

If you read my post On The Trail of Big Cats you will recall the story and photo’s of a mountain lion known as P-22. Photographer Steve Winter brought us the now famous image of the big cat with the Hollywood Hills sign in the background in the December 2013 issue of National Geographic. Unfortunately early this year P-22 was found to be suffering from exposure to rat poison but he was treated and released with the hopes he would recover.

An update and some good news

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P-22 Before and After – photo Mountain Lion Foundation

Griffith Park’s resident mountain lion — P-22 was found to be suffering from mange and overexposure to rat poison. Now, nearly eight months later, Park officials have released photographs in which P-22 appears to be, strong, healthy, and happily feeding on the carcass of a deer.” – via Mountain Lion Foundation

Along with this encouraging news there has been additional photographic evidence of a new mountain lion in the area “it marks only the second time in the past 12 years that a verified mountain lion sighting has occurred east of the 405 Freeway.” 🙂

For more info be sure to check out Save LA Cougars

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