WWF Supports Sport Hunting

A friend of mine recently asked me about WWF this weekend and if was true that they support sport/trophy hunting…whatever you call it it’s all the same. Whether its Lions, Elephants or any other animal there is no place for it in our world. It is always disappointing to find out that those organizations we support have lost their way, but it can also be a catalyst for change. Worth a read. #conservation #bantrophyhunting

Exposing the Big Game


WWF Supports Sport Hunting

WWF Supports Sport Hunting – The International Marches For Elephants and Lions was a game changer around the world in that they created an incredible amount of awareness about wildlife sport hunting – and the people and groups who support it as a so-called viable means of animal conservation. Anyone with a brain knows that this argument is as old as the hills and does not pass the muster test. It is reminiscent of their claim that their “sport” is good for local economies – just not true! These hunters cry “crocodile tears” for the animals they murder – as they claim to love their victims.

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