Cats, Boxes, Tanks

Cats and boxes….how about cats and Tanks? Of course, cats strictly use Tanks for peace-keeping purposes. Cats, boxes, Tank, peace keepingSpinner and Simon check out the cool Tank I eagerly purchased for them.          No brown cardboard boxes for my boys!

Cats, boxes, Simon wont go near it but Spinner looks like he will give it a try.

Cats, boxes, SUCK UK, successSuccess!? Spinner jumps in but the turret has been removed as it got stuck around his middle when he jumped out. Fail.

This cool Cat Playhouse is by SUCK UK,  I was more excited than my cats when I brought it home. According to their site all cats love it, they have testimonial pictures to prove it, all cats but mine. 😦

Now here is a cat who knows how to use his Tank for World Domination fun Cats in Tanks

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