Caturday Accessories

A recent visit to the Rolo store in Toronto to find some cool cat themed finds revealed something for everyone – for you, your man and your cat.

Cats, Socks, Rolo store, Blue Q socks, cat fashion

Keep your paws warm with Cats!! Cats!!! Cats!!!! – sock by Blue Q – $10.95

Just in, add another body part to the list of areas where you can express your cat love with these fun socks by Blue Q. Even though it’s not fall weather yet we can’t find any reason not to slip these on during a chilling night…Happy cats, Happy feet.

cats, cufflinks, mens fashion, Sonia Spencer England, cat fashion fun

The Purrfect accessory for your man’s shirt – $29.95

Cats, cufflinks, handmade, recycled, sterling silver, Adrian Keefe Designed by Sam Wright

Handmade recycled sterling silver cufflinks – $179.95







Owner Rowley picked these fun cufflinks on the left by Sonia Spencer, it’s a way to add a subtle feline pizzaz to your cat daddy’s shirt. If getting a little “cheeky” doesn’t suit your taste you can go minimal with my pick on the right, a recycled sterling silver pair by Adrian Keefe Designed by Sam Wright.

Cats, pet bowtie, Suck UK, cat fashion, Rolo Store

Not to be left out..A Bow Tie for your Cat – $14.95

We all know your cat is super cute, but maybe he or she would like to be a sophisticat? Why not treat them to this reversible Pet bowtie by Suck UK. Be prepared, once you place this on your cat they may start speaking in an English accent and asking for high tea to be served.

Persian Cats, cats, IMM Living, Vanity Cat Companions container, Mirror

Cat Vanity – through the looking glass – $79.95

Finally, the Imm Living Vanity Cat Companions mirror doubles as a container, so you can keep your accessories safe and, it will ensure that you look your best getting dressed day or night. You may even find kitty gazing at his reflection admiring his new bowtie. 😉


Fun Feline Friday! Top 3 Summer Starters

Summer is just around the corner, despite what the cold weather will have you believe, and in anticipation of sunny days, here are some warm weather cat inspired accessories from the Rolo Store to get you excited. Owner Rowley and I pick the top 3 must have items to start the season with. I will leave it up to you to decide who picked what 😉

Hiccup by H2Z Meowgarita and Cosmopurritan cocktail glasses – $44.95 each

Cats, cat themed glasses, martini glasses, Hiccup H2Z, margarita, cosmopolitan, calico cats,What says summer and warm weather better than sitting outside on a patio sipping cocktails? Whether you are looking for a gift for the cat lover who enjoys a nice beverage, or a fancy vessel worthy of your own best mixed drink, this is the must have cocktail glass of the season. You can choose from a cute Calico Cosmopurritan or a sleek Grey Cat Meowgarita, and don’t worry the glass is fully functional with a cardboard stand provided to sit kitty on while you drink. Selling point – you will never have to drink alone again.

SUCK UK Sylvester Bird Box – $44.95

SUCK UK, BIrd Box, Birds, Birders, Cats, fun, Birds NestIf you are a cat lover who also likes birds, why not hang the fun SUCK UK bird box in your yard? While birds may face many outdoor perils, this is one place they won’t. Through the jaws of Sylvester awaits a warm, safe space where they can nest all year round and stay sheltered from the rain in the summer months. The box will host many types of birds and can be installed on a tree or wall. It requires proper cleaning at the end of each nesting season, but the bonus includes telling all the “bird” people you know that you now have a cat that eats birds all year-long 😛

UPG Disappearing Cheshire Cat T-shirt – $29.95

Unemployed Philosophers Guild, Cheshire cat, disappearing cat, t-shirtWe all know cats are mysterious creatures often defying reason with their crafty behavior,  sometimes disappearing and reappearing out of the shadows right before our eyes! Now you can emulate the secretive behavior of cats that you so admire without looking creepy.  The cool thing about this is you will only wear a smile on your t-shirt until you step out into the sunlight and that is when the magic happens and the Cheshire cat appears! Sun activated fashion fun that any cat would approve of.

All items available at the Rolo Store, or on-line at

Cats, Boxes, Tanks

Cats and boxes….how about cats and Tanks? Of course, cats strictly use Tanks for peace-keeping purposes. Cats, boxes, Tank, peace keepingSpinner and Simon check out the cool Tank I eagerly purchased for them.          No brown cardboard boxes for my boys!

Cats, boxes, Simon wont go near it but Spinner looks like he will give it a try.

Cats, boxes, SUCK UK, successSuccess!? Spinner jumps in but the turret has been removed as it got stuck around his middle when he jumped out. Fail.

This cool Cat Playhouse is by SUCK UK,  I was more excited than my cats when I brought it home. According to their site all cats love it, they have testimonial pictures to prove it, all cats but mine. 😦

Now here is a cat who knows how to use his Tank for World Domination fun Cats in Tanks