Cats Are Lucky

It’s never too late for a Caturday Post…I was doing a little clean up and found this.

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 9.55.28 PM

My sister sent me a text (poor quality pic) with this. She found it a gas station in Alberta.   Lotto “Scratch n’ Win” tickets called Pet Talk – Cat Chat! The ticket can win up to 9 times!

I immediately replied “You have to bring one back for me! Wait, do they have different cats? You will have to collect a few for me then.”  It was then followed by “So why don’t we have these in Ontario? Seriously we love pets and cats here why doesn’t Ontario Lottery Corp have these?” I feel completely ripped off.

She couldn’t find them anywhere other than the gas station, but I did end up with this handsome kitty 🐱

Pet Talk, Cats, Cat Chat, Scratch n Win

Cats are lucky…I completely forgot I had it! It’s still unscratched….do you think its a winner?

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