Purr Therapy

I actually wasn’t looking for it, but there it was face up on the shelf of the bookstore under the ‘pets and nature’ section. I had stopped by the store to buy a book not cat related, crazy I know but it does happen, however the title and cover caught my attention as did the story about a psychotherapist who used two of her cats in her practice.

Purr Therapy, Dr. Kathy McCoy, Therapy Cats, Pet loss, lessons cats teach us, therapists who use animals in therapy, cat assisted therapy, cats, book reviewThe book details how Dr. Kathleen McCoy’s two cats serendipitously become part of her practice helping to bring healing to her patients. While animal assisted therapy is becoming more accepted and a variety of species like dogs, rabbits, horses, pigs, birds and cats are now used, the author admits that she had not previously considered it until she noticed the special rapport that her first therapy cat Timmy had with people. After Timmy’s untimely death she wasn’t looking for another cat but ends up adopting Marina who later steps in to continue Timmy’s work.

Mark Anderson Cartoon, Cats, Therapy, therapy cats

All cat lovers know the healing presence our cats have on us and, science has finally caught up confirming that felines have the ability to relieve stress, anxiety, lower blood pressure and even help heal bones and muscle with their purrs. Purr Therapy takes the reader into specific examples from Dr. McCoy’s own life and practice on how Timmy and then Marina helped her clients, while teaching her “lessons in mindfulness, joyful living, and compassion.”

There are moments in the book that cat owners will identify with and maybe even directly relate to, I know I did as both of my cats exhibited many of the same qualities that Timmy and Marina had. The book is insightful and at times emotional, especially if you have experienced a sudden loss of your feline companion.

Purr Therapy is an enjoyable and interesting read one that will help you to further appreciate the amazing abilities of the furry little therapist that you share your home with. It can be purchased in bookstores or online at retailers like Amazon.