The Cat That Changed America

The children’s book The Cat That Changed America is based on the real life story of mountain lion P-22 and his journey to find a new home after leaving the place where he was born in California’s Santa Monica Mountains.

The reader is introduced to P-22 as a new born kitten who is eager to explore life and master important lessons of survival from his mom. Life seems idyllic for this young mountain lion until he encounters an older, stronger and dangerous male mountain lion who tells him he must leave his home. P-22 eventually decides to undertake the journey avoiding humans, his most feared enemy, and surviving under the cover of night. Along the way he meets a wide range of interesting animal characters who help him to accomplish his goal of finding a territory of his own. After one fateful encounter with a red tailed hawk P-22 hears of a wondrous place full of deer called Griffith Park. It sounds like the perfect place to call home however, to get there he would have to take the biggest risk of his life and cross another deadly freeway.

Doing what seems impossible P-22 boldly makes his way towards his new home and destiny, remaining undetected as he walks the famous streets of Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Cat That Changed America, Mountain Lions, P-22 mountain lion, pumas, save la cougars, Tony Lee Moral, Wildlife conservation, Childrens booksThe book is by filmmaker Tony Lee Moral who also produced the wildlife conservation documentary of the same name. Whether you have seen the film or not, this is a great way to introduce younger kids to the challenges mountain lions are facing in California. You will find this book worth picking up as it is a well balanced blend of reality and fantasy which makes it educational, inspirational and fun to read!

The Cat That Changed America will be available on Amazon on October 22, 2020 coinciding with P-22 Day International Urban Wildlife Festival which celebrates wildlife, mountain lion P-22 and the Save LA Cougars campaign.

To find out more about P-22 and the upcoming virtual P-22 festival on October 24, 2020 please visit Save LA Cougars.