The House Built For Cats

A man spent 15 years customizing his home for his cats and has designed a pretty awesome set up. Greg Krueger from St. James, Minnesota who clearly adores his feline companions was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome which, he says, has likely given him the extraordinary focus over the years to work on this project. Lucky cats and maybe a few ideas for your own home.

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.”
Jean Cocteau

Fun Feline Friday! 13

In honor of Friday the 13th, which I believe is lucky, here are my 13 picks for feline furniture that any cat would approve of, and any human would be proud to have in their home.

1. The Cat Tunnel SofaThis Cat Tunnel Sofa is to communicate and share feelings with a cat.”

Cats, Cat furniture, Cat sofa tunnel, Korean design, Seungji Mun, home furniture

Cat Tunnel Sofa by Korean designer Seungji Mun

 2. Multifunction and multi-user deskThe design of CATable was a fusion…a locus where the interaction occurs.It is a table for us ,and a paradise for cats.”

Cats, furniture, cat table, multifunction, multi-user coffe table, desk,

Designed by Ruan Hao of LYCS Architecture in Hong Kong and Hangzhou

3. The Cat-Library bookshelfCats love libraries; these are silent places, books have a tendency to keep the warmth, and mice love paper….

cats, bookshelf, library, cat friendly design, Corentin Dombrecht

The Cat Library is made from FSC-certified Birch Plywood by Belgian designer Corentin Dormbrecht

4. Dog shaped cat scratch towerLumpi is a clever scratching post design… protecting your furniture and keeping other belongings safe from scratch marks.

cats, dogs, cat scratcher, scratch post,

Cats can finally get claws in their natural enemy without any repercussions Designer: Erik Stehmann

5. Arni Kitty Kasa CollectionAll profits of the Kitty Kasa collection go directly to the ARNI foundation a non-profit, no-kill, animal shelter located in Daytona Beach, Florida.

cats. Kitty Kasa, Mango Studio, Arni Foundation USA, Daytona Beach Florida, modules

Developed by Studio Mango All profits of the Kitty Kasa collection

 6. PetPlanter “…integrating the pet bed in an item which many people do love to have in their homes a planter gave us the perfect solution.

cats, planters, houseplants, pots, cat friendly plants

PetPlanter by Studio Mango

7. Modern Cat Tree

cats, tower, bookshelf, storage unti, animal friendly

The Sebastian Modern Cat Tree

 8. Catinet “The Catinet stores the cat litter bag, scoop, etc. as well so you will now have everything easily accessible in one place and out of sight.”

Cats, litter, cabinet, Urab Cat Desing, home furntiure

Catinet by Urban Cat Design

9. Starlet Felt with orthopedic pet cushion

cats, cat bed, orthopedic, furntiure, feline friendly

STARLET Felt by Pet Interiors

10. The Original Cat’s Trapeze

Cat's Trapeze, Haus Panther

Cat Trapeze available at Hauspanther

11. The Adult Cat Tree House

Cats, tree house, cat tower, handmade, trees,

The Adult Cat Tree house by Pet Tree Houses on Etsy

12. Cat Console cat scratcher “Perfect for any room in your home and ideal for small spaces! “

cat, cat scratcher, furniture, console, home furniture, pet friendly

Cat Console cat scratcher by Modernist Cat

13. Wall mounted cat feeder

cats, feeders, cat bowl, chow meow

Chow Meow wall mounter cat feeder by Square Cat Habitat


Big Caturday – Lions and Tigers In Your Kitchen

Integrating big cats into one of the most popular rooms in the home – the kitchen, just got easy. I will say it’s fairly cool to either give or receive any of these awesome big cat inspired items which are beautiful, yummy and unique!

Lets begin with one that I have been coveting ever since I saw it a few weeks back, the IMM Living Lion Head ceramic jar

IMM Living, Crowned Head Containers, Lion Head, Home, Gold Crown, Cookie Jar,  DesginDisplay it on your kitchen counter with “pride”

A porcelain Lion head container…with a gold crown. This beautiful and regal piece is the perfect vessel in the image of one of the planets most majestic species. So what will you put in your Lion Head Jar? How about some 3D Lion cookies that you baked with love.

The Lion shaped cookie cutter by Suck UK

Lion, Cookies, Suck UK, 3D cookie cutterThis is not just a typical cookie cutter its 3D! Cut the dough, bake them up and slot them together for storing in your Lion head Jar. If you are worried that your new Lion cookie may be lonely don’t, the 3D cookie cutter also comes in a whole safari theme so you can bake some friends up for your Lion to.

Finally, from one of my favorite places to shop for unique items I discovered this beautiful limited edition cup, which also turns out to be the perfect place to dunk your Lion cookie in.

Etsy – Tea Cup Tiger Limited edition by Baskakova

CatCup,Tiger, Tea Cup, Baskakova, Etsy, handmadeThis delicate, pretty, handmade piece is called a “CatCup” which the artist goes on to say “… is an elegant object challenging the common prejudice of felid water-phobia. Tigers, for instance, love being in water, so for them there’s nothing better than a cool bath in the sauna-like jungle climate!” Each piece comes with a certificate and the artist also takes custom orders which is a bonus.

For more Big Cat themed finds be sure to check out my Cat-stagram feed.