Modernizing Canada’s Animal Protection Laws

Canada’s animal protection laws are horribly outdated – they were first introduced in 1892 but no significant updates to the law have been made since 1954. Many people will be surprised to learn that among developed countries, we have some of the worst animal protection laws.

Attempts to change the law have been made in the past but, they have always been met with resistance from the public, industry and even members of the government. This has resulted in the defeat of any previous Bills. Recently a new private members Bill was introduced by Member of Parliament Nathaniel Erskine-Smith,  called Bill C-246, the Modernizing Animal Protection Act. If it is passed it will essentially become the first ever change to Canada’s animal protection laws in over a century.

While it is no surprise that this Bill is again meeting with opposition from hunters, sport fisherman, the fur industry and agriculture, it was deeply disappointing and shocking to know that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has asked his cabinet to vote against Bill C-246. Yes, the Prime Minister of Canada wants to stop this bill from being passed. This cannot happen – all Canadians must speak up and tell our government that it is unacceptable to further delay passing laws that would protect animals.

Among other thing Bill C-246 would do 4 things
  • Ban the import of shark fins
  • Close loopholes and strengthen the Criminal Code’s animal protection provisions; and
  • Ban the sale of cat and dog fur within Canada and require labeling of source fur
  • Update the definition of bestiality to include all sexual acts between humans and animals (the current legal definition, as decided by the Supreme Court of Canada on June 9, 2016, must include penetration)

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How to help

For Canadians visit Animal Cruelty Legislation Advocates Canada

  • Please contact your MP  and ask them to support BIll C-246, you can find your MP by entering your postal code here
  • Write them a letter, or use this form letter, call, email  or ask for an in person meeting
  • Take the 1 minute survey here to ask PM Justin Trudeau that he must support Bill C-246 (Modernizing Animal Protections Act) and ask his cabinet to do so as well
  • Considering supporting Animal Alliance of Canada’s work to help pass this Bill

Petitions that anyone can sign:

For more information on Bill C-246 please visit:

Finally, please share this whether you live in Canada or elsewhere, we need to let the Canadian government know that the world is watching and that people everywhere support Modernizing Canada’s Animal Protection Act Bill C-246.