Universal Message

I came across some cute educational videos by a Spanish organization called FAADA, the Foundation for the Assessment and Action in Defense of Animals, that I though were worth sharing. Their website is in Spanish so I had to rely on translation, please forgive me if it’s not exact.

FAADA exerts actions and campaigns for the protection of all animals in order to educate and raise awareness on the protection and defense of non-human animals, from different perspectives, linked to the defense of nature and ultimately, life.”

The organization is a non-profit for the protection of animals and works in four areas:

• Advice to individuals, organizations, companies, governments and bodies of authority
• awareness campaigns, education and outreach
• Legal Department (development and monitoring of complaints of abuse and neglect)
• political level local government, regional, national and international Lobby

Two of the videos launched address awareness of pet overpopulation, abandonment, identification and micro-chipping, and the other speaks to the importance of sterilization or spay and neuter.  They are a fun way to get across the very serious issues facing cats (and dogs) in Spain. Regardless of where you live animals everywhere can benefit by the universal message in these videos so please share.

The importance of identifying animals

The importance of sterilizing your animals

FAADA can also be found on Facebook.

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