Celebrating Easter With Cats

Cats of all sizes domestic and wild, know how to celebrate Easter in these fun holiday themed videos. From one of my favorite sanctuaries Big Cat Rescue, the largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated entirely to abused and abandoned big cats, comes A Big Cat Easter.

Big Cat Rescue established a team tasked with the purpose of providing enrichment for the animals, thus ensuring the cats are stimulated and able to express their natural instincts as much as possible. This is key to keeping them healthy while preventing boredom or Stereotypic behavior so commonly seen in captive animals.

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Sheena the Serval enjoys her Easter Carrot – Image Big Cat Rescue

When using different enrichment techniques, the animals can be stimulated to investigate and explore their surroundings. This can be accomplished by presenting novel food items (or presenting food in different ways), as well as novel objects and smells. The presentation of new items and scents can help relieve boredom and improve the overall welfare of the animals.

How about enrichment for your domestic cat? The folks at Furball Fables show us how to craft our own Easter themed toys that are sure to please the tiniest of Tigers. A fun project for the DIY crowd using felt, piper cleaners, catnip and everyday object around your home. The simple instructions will help you create toys that are both fun and safe for your cat.

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Get crafty with these easy to make cats toys

It is important to stress that your cats should always be supervised and never left unattended while playing with toys. Be sure to keep the toys safely stored when they are not in use. Warning!!!! Easter Egg Grass is Unsafe for cats. Don’t use it in their Baskets. The plastic one is deadly.

For more Furball Fables and the cats that star in the videos be sure to head over to their YouTube channel.


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