Manifesto For Cats

Cats are awesome and amazing creatures who hold us captive with their mystery and grace, always managing to leave us wondering what they are thinking. Throughout history they have either been worshiped or persecuted, and if you read the headlines it seems more of the latter is taking place. Thankfully there are many cat lovers speaking and standing up for them, making the world a better place for both owned and homeless cats.

The voice for cats just got a little louder thanks to Cats Protection the UK’s leading feline welfare charity who announced their Manifesto for Cats.

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“In this General Election year, 2015, we’ve launched our Manifesto for Cats and will be calling on the new Government to put in place measures to protect cats from abandonment, harm and neglect. After a three-month public consultation 93 per cent of participants agreed with all of our 10 suggested manifesto priorities which are designed to benefit cats, owners and society as a whole.”

Some of the key points of this Manifesto include:

  • Tighter regulation of licensing of air guns, banning the use of snares, both of which cause unimaginable pain and suffering to cats on a daily basis
  • Measures to control breeding and sale of kittens by unscrupulous breeders
  • Updating the Dangerous Dogs Act to allow prosecution of dog owners whose dogs
    attack, injure or kill cats
  • Inclusion of animal welfare in the National Curriculum so all children learn about
    responsible pet care
  • Government recognition of the needs of people with cats or other companion animals in rented housing and care homes to allow people to keep their pets
  • Government recognition of the benefits which cats and other companion animals
    bring to health and personal wellbeing when an individual’s care needs are assessed

Cats Protection put together a touching video where cat lovers share their personal stories and ask the policy makers to help bring about the long overdue and much-needed change to improve the welfare and lives of cats. Some of the people in the video recount how their own cats had been killed or injured in ways that this manifesto is trying to address, reduce and prevent.

If you live in the UK, or have friends there, please share and support this, for more click here

Cats Protection is pleased to be working with Government and to be presenting our first ever Manifesto for Cats. Delivery of the manifesto would improve the lives of thousands of cats and prevent them from harm.”

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