Monsters In The Playground

The other day I happened upon a story about a cat named Quattro, and to be honest it has taken me a few days to process, if I had written this any earlier it might have been filled with a lot rage and foul four lettered words. I have seen a lot over the years, things that will be with me forever and Quattro’s story is one of them. Thinking about what that cat went through made me cry, and while it’s a terrible story it’s one that needs to be shared with the hopes somebody out there knows something and that enough people can demand those responsible be brought to some sort of justice.

To date this is the information available. On May 7, 2014 Quattro the cat was beaten by grade school children (possibly grade 6) with bricks near a playground in New Jersey. Another boy witnessed this and was able to rescue Quattro from the abusers but not before the poor cat suffered deadly injuries.

Among some of the injuries Quattro’s legs were fractured, his eye so severely damaged it had to be removed, jaw fractured, blood and pus in brain and his nails ripped from his paws in his attempt to escape this vicious attack. Quattro was beaten so gravely that he succumbed to his injuries.

Cat, Quatrro, cat abused, children, New Jersey, May 2014, USA“One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a child is to kill or torture an animal and get away with it.” – Anthropologist Margaret Mead

For one I cannot imagine the fear or pain that this cat suffered…at the hands of children, or I should say monsters. The fact that these kids had the thought to use a brick to inflict suffering on another creature is beyond disturbing. Not only do these children need to be found and punished, their parents should also be charged. In what way are kids being raised that makes them even think about doing something like this?

Animal abuse needs to be taken more seriously as kids who commit crimes like this will likely do it again and, for the fact that animal abuse is a proven link to abuse towards humans. The justice system needs to step up to ensure maximum punishment for all abusers is more than a slap on the wrist. Society as a whole needs to work towards finding ways to make sure events like this never occur in the first place.

A petition has been started demanding that New Jersey Police start an immediate investigation to find those responsible for this crime. I am asking every person who reads this to please sign this Petition and share Quattro’s story as it cannot be allowed to be forgotten.

Finally, to the one brave child who stood up to help Quattro, thank you.

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