Spinner’s Tail

My friends at Katzenworld invited me to do my first ever guest post on my cat Spinner. Please be sure to check it out their blog and my post including photos that I have not previously shared! Enjoy.

Thanks to Marc for allowing this opportunity to share with his community of cat lovers 🙂

Spinner’s Tail.


Stevie The Blind Cat

Stevie the blind cat was adopted three years ago from a local cat vet hospital in Cork Ireland. Stevie had been there for months until Patrick Corr saw her, she had been originally placed at the hospital by the Animal Care Society of Cork Ireland in an attempt to find her a home. Patrick put together this video after adopting her and says that up until meeting Stevie he wasn’t a cat person, but she changed his life. He has to ensure that he keeps everything at home in the same place but other than that Stevie adapted fast.

Patrick recently posted a video of one their favorite activities, walking outside. Here he takes Stevie for a hike…up a mountain. The video has a great message and shows us that special needs cats make excellent companions and should not be overlooked when adopting.

National Cat Day

To celebrate National Cat day I thought I would share a story I came across about a special needs cat named Budd who is CH or “Wobbly” kitty, born with the neurological condition Cerebellar Hypoplasia. I think this story embodies what National Cat Day is all about. Enjoy!

He was unable to stand or walk when he was found at 8 weeks old and brought to Cat Depot, a caring rescue, adoption, education and resource center in Sarasota, Florida. Budd started to make progress with baby steps … building muscle strength in a custom made cart under the guidance of his very special foster caregivers, Jill, Kay and Jim, who gave him constant care and love. Budd had help learning to eat from the bowl and he learned to use the litterbox all on his own.” – via Life With Cats

Volunteer Wednesday

This weeks visit to the animal shelter included spending time with some felines that had been rescued from a hoarding situation. Thankfully the majority of the cats had been in relatively decent shape, although some had tested positive for the Feline Leukemia Virus, or FeLV for short. In a hoarding situation the virus had ample opportunity to spread.

Feline leukemia virus adversely affects the cat’s body in many ways. It is the most common cause of cancer in cats, it may cause various blood disorders, and it may lead to a state of immune deficiency that hinders the cat’s ability to protect itself against other infections…secondary infections are responsible for many of the diseases associated with FeLV.” – Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine

Handsome Bronx, the eyes have it ID# 683297

cats, Toronto Animal Serivces, Felie Luekemia, Special needs cats, adopt, rescue,

cats, Toronto Animal Serivces, Felie Luekemia, Special needs cats, adopt, rescue,








Marvin the strong silent type ID# 683299cats, Toronto Animal Serivces, Felie Luekemia, Special needs cats, adopt, rescue,









While some of the cats in the group tested positive for the virus, Bronx, Marvin and Starbuck all tested negative the first time around and will be tested again in a few weeks to ensure they are virus free. If it turns out they do have FeLV, they still have a chance at a good life and can live for years. The new family will have to educate themselves on the condition and do things like ensuring the cats  “have a stress free environment away from other ill pets, are kept indoors to avoid exposing other cats to FeLV and receive appropriate veterinary care.” – Pet Education.com

Starbuck and his adorable pink nose! #ID 683312cats, Toronto Animal Serivces, Felie Luekemia, Special needs cats, adopt, rescue,













Bronx, Marvin and Starbuck will make great companions and be content living out their lives in a loving home. If you live in Toronto and are interested in adopting one of these special cats, you can visit them at Toronto Animal Services South Region located on the CNE grounds. 🐱

Caturday! Volunteer Tails – Jasper the Cat

I have been volunteering with cats at Toronto Animal Services for a long time, I have met many cats, I am always happy when they find good homes and if I was able to personally adopt all the cats I fell in love with, well I would be at infinity and beyond by now 🐱

There are some special kitties who I will never forget and Jasper is one such cat currently waiting for adoption at the shelter. Jasper is a black and white domestic short hair cat, but once you take a look at him you can see he is anything but ordinary! He is a 2-year-old neutered male who was surrendered to the shelter, and I can’t imagine why as he is super affectionate, loves to be near you and adores attention.

He purrs, gives head butts and is simply delectable I mean come on look at this face!

cat, adoption, Toronto, Toronto Animal Service, spay, neuterHe is a joy to be around and despite being in an animal shelter he is a very happy, playful cat. He loves to be brushed and is content to be near you or sit in his little cat bed where he drifts off dreaming of his future home – I am sure!

cat, adoption, Toronto, Toronto Animal ServicesAll the cats at the shelter are wonderful individuals, but what makes Jasper special? If you spend a little time with him you will notice that he has a funny way of walking, his back legs look like they are not quit working the way they should.

Jasper has been diagnosed with what is called “Legg-Perthea a disease of the hip-joint in animals. It is when blood flow to the ball joint in the hip has been reduced, causing the joint to start to die off, causing pain and lameness. It is very rare for this to affect both hips. Legg-Perthes is more common in dogs, but the treatment is generally the same for cats and dogs.”

Jasper has some really good things going for him including the fact that he is young, light weight (being heavier would put extra pressure on the joints) and not in any pain. This disease in cats is very rare but once the veterinarian has confirmed the diagnosis they can decide on the best treatments which include: Rest, physical therapy, and changing the diet if kitty is overweight. Surgery, a very final option, would only be done if the conservative treatments did not help and this would be much later when and if the joint degenerated to the point where it was no longer functioning.

Jasper is a special cat who deserves a loving home, he has no idea that he is different or that he has any problems, and when you see how he gets around you will only see a beautiful little cat full of life and joy.

cat, Toronto, adoption, Toronto Animal Services If you are interested in meeting Jasper he is at Toronto Animal Services South Shelter Animal ID#  is A671452. He will also be featured on Animal Housecalls Tuesday April 15 @ 7pm