33 Lions

If you missed 60 minutes last night please watch the update on the 33 Lions rescued by Animal Defenders International, part of a massive, and first of its kind, undertaking to rescue all wild animals from Peru and Colombia’s illegal circuses. 60 minutes shows exclusive footage from the rescue as the lions are prepared for their fights to Africa. While the video shows the amazing rescue and how the lions are doing, there are some disturbing images showing the abusive treatment that the animals were subjected to by the circus. As always, please avoid circuses and attractions that use animals for entertainment, when the public stops supporting these establishments the abuse will stop to.

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60 minutes, Lions, Lion rescue, 33 Lions, ADI, Animal Defenders International, Lions rescued from lions from Peru and Colombia back to their native Africa, Big Cats, Circus, Africa, Operation Spirit of Freedom, Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary“ADI’s Operation Spirit of Freedom is the biggest operation of its kind, collaborating with Peru authorities to enforce its law banning wild animal circuses and raiding circuses all over the country. As part of its ongoing mission, ADI saved 109 animals from circuses and the illegal wildlife trade in Peru.”

For updates on how the lions are doing, and how you can help, please visit Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary.

Grass Under His Feet

The Ranchos dos Gnomos animal sanctuary in Brazil released a video last week that showed the first moments of a former circus Lion exiting his tiny cramped metal cage and feeling the grass under his feet for the first time in his life.

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Image – YouTube

The Lion named Will had spent 13 years in a cage traveling around forced to perform in a circus.

Will can be seen in what can only be described as a true state of joy as he rolls around, scrapes the dirt and relishes in freedom. I don’t think anyone can deny he is fully aware of his surroundings and new life. A Lion like Will who was born into captivity, suffered both physical and emotional trauma could never be released back into the wild, but this sanctuary would give him the next best thing for the remaining 5 years of his life.

The footage was actually recorded in 2006 but the sanctuary just made it available to the public. Will had passed away in 2011 and he had lived out the remaining days of his life happy, free with the grass under his feet and a pride to call his own.

To find out more about the sanctuary that rescued Will you can visit their Facebook page, and as always please do not support any circus that uses wild animals.