Big Cats in High Places

If you live in the UK you may have been lucky enough to catch the BBC2 Natural World documentary Mountain Lions: Big Cats in High Places. I had only ever seen clips of it but the full documentary is now available on Daily Motion, the previous version on YouTube had been taken down. Updated link below!

There is some special footage of Mountain Lion behavior that you most likely have never seen before and it clearly demonstrates that the myths surrounding these misunderstood and highly persecuted big cats are just myths. Importantly, the documentary shows just how tough the cats have it, nature is extreme and unforgiving even without mans interference, so ensuring we work to protect North America’s only big cat is important. Sadly, Mountain Lions are legally hunted throughout the USA and in two western provinces in Canada and, with all the other challenges they face sport hunting shouldn’t be one of them – It is cruel and extremely detrimental to the species overall. A documentary like this is important as it shows what these magnificent cats are truly like and why they deserve our protection just like the African Lion.

“The documentary follows two mountain mums in the Rockies of Wyoming as they struggle to raise their cubs – hunting, playing, eating and sometimes fighting”