Purr and Roar is Tori,

Cats, Lions, We Are Handsome,The King, silver tabby

Photo by M. Robidas film photography

I have always had an innate love and interest in the natural world, animals, wildlife, conservation and most of all – the cats.

I grew up reading National Geographic magazines and any and every book on animals and wildlife I could get my hands on especially if it had a cat, domestic or wild, on the cover. Of the many books I read as a child Born Free would be the one to strengthen my love affair with the big cats as well as my determination to visit Africa. Finally being able to do so later on as an adult would prove life changing.

While I would go on to complete a degree in Fine Arts I had various interests and supplemented my early studies with courses in science, biology, and later psychology and the environment. It seemed that this would work to complement what I would learn, whether from an article, book, experience or traveling, about the feline species. Additionally, I have always felt that being immersed in nature and seeing wildlife can only enhance what you know, which leads to one of my lifelong dreams – seeing as many species of wild cats as possible in the wild. It’s a big dream, but one that I am still hoping to fulfill.

As a passionate animal advocate I have always believed that knowledge is power and every person can make a difference. For this reason and for all felines everywhere, I started Purr and Roar to talk about all things cat related, the personal stories and experiences, what others are saying or doing, info that I find fascinating, the fun tidbits, the educational, inspirational and the more serious stuff.

I can be contacted at purrandroar(at)gmail(dot)com

20 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you sooo much for following my blog. It made me purrr to see your wonderful blog. I too am passionate about cats:)
    I totally agree with your statement, “knowledge is power and every person can make a difference”.
    Look forward to seeing more of your posts,
    Best wishes,
    Emy ❀

    • Hi! I counted Tsuki’s whiskers a few times, hanging around cats pays off! lol Yes my dream goal would be to see all of them although I realize it may not fully happen I have been fortunate to see some. Doesn’t mean I stop dreaming. Thanks for stopping by & the follow 🐱

  2. Hi! I just figured out why I have trouble finding your posts sometimes. Did you know you can only use 15 tags and categories. Any more and Word Press thinks you are spam and kicks you out of the reader. The rule of thumb is 3 categories and 12 tags. Hope it helps.
    Hey! We still going to CatCon next year? I’ll be coming up to Toronto in a couple of weeks. Maybe we can meet for a coffee? πŸ™‚
    Opps, I’m in my horse blog. It’s Tom from Cats at the Bar. πŸ™‚

    • Eeeks! Thanks for letting me know, I actually tried to update this but WP has been acting up lately. I will go through & make sure changes stick this time thanks for bringing that to my attention.
      CatCon should still be on it is now scheduled for June 25/26 I think Tickets go on sale early next year & it’s going to be bigger on 2 floors!

      LMK when you will be in TO my schedule opens up around that time which is the last week of Oct.

      • Sounds perfect. I’ll know my exact dates in a day or two for Toronto. I’ll let you know. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi,
    I was wondering if Babyface has been adopted? I have been thinking of adopting him but see that he is no longer on the TAS website.

    • Hi Katrina! Yes Baby face was just adopted this past weekend at the Mega Adoptathon at the CNE grounds. I actually adopted him out & it was very near to the end of the day. Did you know about the event? It was last Friday & Saturday. Keep checking the shelters or Petsmart there are many older cats still looking for a home & cats that did not get adopted last weekend!

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