Oh, Nooooo!

I recently picked up Spinner some cat toys and was taken by a fuzzy ball with a face, no gimmicks, just a simple pom-pom like toy.

Cats, Cat Toys, Classic TV, Mr. Bill, SNL

Spinner reclines with his new toy aka Mr. Bill

I finally figured out why I like it so much, this simple cats toy reminded me of Mr. Bill a clay figure clown featured on Saturday Night Live in the 70’s. “Each episode would start innocently enough but would quickly turn dangerous…and along with his dog, Spot, he would suffer various indignities …ending with Mr. Bill being crushed or dismembered while squealing in a high-pitched voice, “Ohhhh noooooooooooooo...”

Cats, Cat Toys, Classic TV, Mr. Bill, SNL

Spinner goes in for the kill…

I thought how perfect that someone would create a cat toy based on Mr. Bills Head, a toy that they could play, toss or even dismember… the resemblance may be coincidental but the toy is fun nonetheless.

Cats, Cat Toys, Classic TV, Mr. Bill, SNL

Oh, Noooo! You can see vintage Mr. Bill here

The only pet toys I could find in Mr. Bill form is the Plush full size body version on Amazon.com geared towards dogs, but I am sure people have bought it for their cats. Meanwhile every time Spinner tosses or bites into Mr. Bills head I will forever here  “Oh, Nooooo!” 

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