Hero Wednesday – Whiskers on the 401

On the afternoon on July 5 here in Toronto two brothers – Duff and Brock Jones saw something on one of our busiest highways, the #401. They were on their way to a soccer game here in the city when they spotted an animal abandoned on the concrete shoulder. They decided to turn around to try and save this tiny animal knowing that it would not survive much longer. It was a kitten, desperately trying to climb up over the concrete median.

They were able to catch the kitten before she escaped and contacted Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue – Richmond Hill, Ontario, where their family had adopted two cats from, for help.

Kitten, rescued, highway 401, Duff and Brock Jones, Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue Richmond Hill

Click here for video

The kitten named Lara Croft was taken to the vet for a check up and is reported to be doing well. As for our heroes, your act of kindness out-plays any soccer game in my books. 🐱

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