Fun Feline Friday! Squeeze, Pour, Give

It’s been a while since I visited the Rolo Store and I must admit my visit was two-fold, one I picked up my awesome disappearing Cheshire Cat t-shirt that is activated by sunlight, and two to find out what is cool for cats.

I saw these cute little fellas sitting way up high on a shelf, immediately I wanted one but owner Rowley told me no, and to focus

Cats, Persian, Silver Tabby, American Shorthair, British shorthair, Silver tabby, Pillows, home decor

Cat Lady Pillows by Decor Craft Inc. $39.95 each

The perfect accent to your couch, chair, bed or window ledge. A furry friend without the fur and a cute pair of eyes peering back at you all the time. These pillows will either fill the void for those who can’t have a real cat, or they will compete for your own cats attention. Now you can “hug” and “squeeze” a cat without fear of repercussions or retaliation.

While your busy snuggling with your new cat pillow how about you pour yourself a nice spot of tea…with your new Black and White Tuxedo Cat ceramic teapot.

The Rescue Me Now line features actual cats rescued and successfully adopted into forever homes by the artist. Tea time will be a little better served from this handsome pot knowing that a portion from the sale of this item goes to the World Society for the Protection of Animals.

If you are planning to give any of the above items as gifts, complete the package with some “crush-worthy” cards from Smitten Kitten

cats, Kittens, Smitten Kitten, theme cards, Toronto based Design, local, fun

Smitten Kitten Cat Cards come in various cats & sayings $4.95 each

Smitten Kitten is a Toronto based (Yay!) design studio who offers a variety of papergoods and gifts with an eye for pairing cute cats with the most appropriate, or inappropriate depending on your mood, occasions. I really love the juxtaposition of innocence with adult themed humor. Who wouldn’t want to receive a card with a a cute kitty telling them “Shit just got real” or “You fill my heart-hole with love”? Cards are blank inside so you can write a complimentary message should you choose.

If you are “smitten” with any of the above items you can pick them up in store or online.

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