Caturday! New Apartment New Cat

There are lots of things that people look for in a new place to live whether it’s location, a great kitchen or maybe a cool outdoor space, but what do cat lovers look for? If you live in Tokyo you can easily combine apartment hunting with cat adoption – new apartment new cat.

Cats, Japan, Tokyo, Cat Guardian Tokyo Cat Guardian (TCG) introduced a partnership with specific landlords to include a “free cat” with a new apartment. The goal is to help get Tokyo’s huge number of homeless cats get off the street, reduce the large euthanasia rates  (something like 222,000 cats are killed a year), pair cat lovers with a furry new friend and encourage adoption.

The idea is to make condominium and apartment living more enticing by adding a feline companion to the list of amenities. So far the Cat Mansion Program has been well received and is growing with 20 plus properties joining up to be part of the initiative.

TCG takes the process very seriously and ensures that new applicants are carefully screened prior to adopting a cat from one of the organizations shelters, but once applicants are approved they take their new cat home. The tenant is responsible for paying for the cat food and any vet bills during their stay in the rental and if and when they move, they can decide whether to adopt the cat permanently or return the kitty to the TCG shelter.

Cats, Japan, Tokyo Cat Gaurdian, stray cats, homeles

Homeless Cats of Tokyo find new homes with the Cat Mansion Program

Importantly the organization provides support to adopters with information sessions on how to properly care for their new companions. The founder of the idea, and member of TCG Yoko Yamamoto, goes one step further by making herself available to new cat parents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist them with any questions they may have about their cats.

What do you think of this program, and would you like to see something similar where you live? Let me know by leaving a comment


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