Caturday! Internet TV Gone To The Cats

Looking for something to do on a lazy Caturday? How about watching a free online television network that offers a round-the-clock channel full of nothing but cat videos? Now it’s possible with Pluto.TV’s Cats 24/7 channel.

Cats, Internet TV, PlutTV, Kittens, TV

Kitten Zone on Pluto.TV

No more hours searching for your daily dose of cats – its all in one place!

You can enjoy PlutoTV wherever you are: Watch at home in the browser, stream to your Apple TV, or use our nifty app to watch on your iOS or Android device. Invite your friends and chat along as you watch, or save shows for viewing later on. Skip back and watch the same sweet moment fifty times, or just chill out and let the channel play.”

I had to check it out and it’s pretty cool. You just sign up create an account and away you go. Your browser will open with a video and TV guide at the bottom showing you what’s playing when. Cats of all kinds are yours for the viewing 24/7. Watch kittens playing, kittens and dogs, cats, famous feline celebrities like Grumpy Cat, cats in costumes and so much more.

A catucopia of all your favorite cat videos, plus some you didn’t even know you loved yet. 🐱

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