Milow’s Story

Last week my friend who works at VetsToronto sent me a message about a cat named Milow who had been brought into their clinic. Milow had been missing from home for a day and when he returned he collapsed, his owners rushed him to the vet and that’s where they discovered he had been shot, likely with a high-powered air rifle.  Due to the high vet bills his owners decided to surrender Milow to the clinic where they are now raising funds to cover the cost of his recovery, which is expected to take at least six weeks.

Please visit the VetsToronto website  or Facebook page to find out more about Milow’s recovery and how you can help. You can also contact them at 416.690.0625 and reference Milow’s account if you wish to donate directly.

cat, shot, gun, Bengal, Outdoot hazards, animal abuse

Milow recovering at VetsToronto

Sharing Milow’s story is important, as it could lead to finding the person responsible for this horrible crime. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Toronto Police Services, 4331 Lawrence Ave. East, Toronto at 416-808-4300 or call Crime Stoppers at 416-222-(TIPS) 8477.

Please keep your cat inside! I personally will never allow my cats to roam, there are far too many dangers. If you must let your cat out do it the safe way by investing in an outdoor cat enclosure or by training your cat to use a harness/leash so they can have safe, supervised time outside.

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