Whisker Wednesday – Black Cats

I love black cats, I instinctively have a place in my heart for them.  My cat Simon lived for 18 years and since his passing, every time I meet another black cat I think of him.

Black Cat, Cats, beautiful Simon the early years

I just finished a cat sitting job watching 4 cats, 2 of which were black. One little cat named Boo was more shy than the others so it was really special to form a bond with him. He  decided to follow me around and watch my every move when I snapped this pic.

Black cats, sweet, cats, cat sittingBoo wants to know what’s up

Black cats still get a bad rep even today, but I think they are amazing and epitomize grace, mystery, luck and perseverance. I also think they are sometimes overlooked or under appreciated and people need to consider adopting them when looking for a cat.

Apparently in 1961 Hollywood, there was no shortage black cats, or love for, as droves of people and what looks like hundreds + black cats turned out for the “Black Cat Auditions“. It was likely for the Vincent Price show Tails of Terror.

Black Cat, Hollywood Audtions, 1961,Seems like Hollywood was full of some really well trained black cats. I wonder who got the part?

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”
Groucho Marx

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