Watch, Talk and Play With Your Cat Anytime Anywhere

Ever have that moment on holiday where you call home to talk to your cat? You asked for kitty to be put on the phone so they could be reassured you hadn’t abandoned them? Or maybe you wonder what your cat does when you are out all day at work?

Checking up on your cat may sound a little odd to some people, but it turns out it’s not, and soon it will be considered the norm for pet owners with Petcube.

It’s a cube, it’s a camera, it’s a window into your cats magical mysterious world when you are not there!

PetcubeWhat it has High Def widescreen camera, microphone and laser

The Petcube app allows you to watch, talk and interact (laser play!) with your pet using your smartphone or tablet anytime anywhere. If that’s not enough, the app will also allow you to share pictures and videos of kitty on any social network.

Pre-orders are being taken now at and this shiny little box of joy will cost you $179 US if you order before the end of April.

What I also like is the company is looking to help cats that are still waiting for their forever homes. The first batch will be sent to various shelters across the US to allow potential adopters, with the Petcube app, a chance to interact with rescue animals in real-time with the hope that it will increase adoptions.

Petcube is set to ship in August of this year.

🐱 I would definitely put this on my wishlist 🐱

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