April Fools Day

The African Lion is heading for extinction. Sadly this is NO April Fools joke. The Global March For Lions on March 15, 2014 called on the South African Government to ban Canned Hunting, and now we are waiting on a decision from my neighbors to the south.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has yet to make an announcement on whether or not they will list the African Lion as “Endangered” and ban importation of Lion Trophies into the US, which accounts for about 55% of all of the South African Lion Trophies. The US therefore plays a key role in the fate of these animals.

USA Trophy Hunters in Africa – Monsters of Death and Destruction  by Chris Mercer is a highly recommend read. It is an insight into trophy and canned hunting, the regulations of the industry, propaganda and the connection to the Lion bone trade. It is also a plea to the US to step up and help save Lions.

Lions, Africa, canned hunting, Endangered, US Fish and WIldlife Service, trophy hunting, South AfricaHere is how you can speak up for Lions today – Get Tweeting and ask the US to help protect them!  Just copy, paste and Tweet away!

  1. From 1999 – 2008 Americans imported 4021 lion trophies to USA. That’s >400 Lions Killed Per Year! @USFWSInternatl ‪#‎LionsWaitingToDie‬
  2. The Fate of #Lions #LionsWaitingToDie Ban Canned Hunting @USFWSInternatl @USFWSHQ @cannedlion @GlobalMarchLion pic.twitter.com/kc8vhY9lsz
  3. USA: Make Canned Hunting illegal! #LionsWaitingToDie pic.twitter.com/Vr3pBacnBQ @USFWSInternatl
  4. USA largest importer of lion parts, despite lions facing extinction in wild @USFWSInternatl List As Endangered in ESA. #LionsWaitingToDie
  5. @USFWSInternatl @USFWSHQ PLS list ‪#‎lions‬ as endangered on Endangered Species Act. BAN CANNED HUNTING @GlobalMarchLion #LionsWaitingToDie
  6. African Lion meets the statutory criteria to be listed an endangered under the ESA @USFWSInternatl DO IT! #LionsWaitingToDie
  7. @USFWSInternatl USA: make canned hunting illegal! #LionsWaitingToDie pic.twitter.com/Vr3pBacnBQ
  8. Listing lion endangered will benefit iconic animal & prohibit import to USA. DO IT! @USFWSInternatl #LionsWaitingToDie
  9. Canned Hunting-American Atrocity: Hunters pay 2 kill hand-raised,bottle-fed lions @USFWSInternatl http://www.christinabush.com/cannedhunting.html #LionsWaitingToDie



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